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The Ulster County Republican Committee believes the principles of true democracy include smaller government, lower taxes, free markets, justice, free enterprise, freedom, liberty, integrity, equal rights and fiscal responsibility. For more information on our principles and what it means to be a Republican, please visit our About Us page.

We invite and encourage you to spend some time on our website where you can learn what’s new and notable, meet your elected GOP officials and committee members, see what’s going on with the GOP in your town, and find out how you can become involved with the Ulster County GOP. Thank you for visiting!

Birthday Party

SenatorJim Seward at Repeal the Safe Act Rally

Town of Lloyd Supervisor Paul Hansut being sworn in

Plattekill Councilman Dean Depew being sworn in

County Clerk Nina Postupack and District Attorney Holley Carnright

Assemblywoman Claudia Tenney with County Legislator Craig Lopez

Congressman Gibson with Jack Schlegel from Shandaken

Senators Bill Larkin and John Bonacic

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Ulster County GOP News

Welcome to the new Ulster County Republican Committee website!
Check out the GOP calendar, which  includes general events, as well as all town events, with each town having its own calendar with specific information.   Below the calender each town has an area on the page to include their GOP officials and newsworthy items about their respective town.  In 2014, we will be electing our Federal and State Representatives.  Please check back frequently to find out more about Congressman Chris Gibson’s re-election and  about our State Senators\ and Assembly races.  The State GOP convention is scheduled in Westchester County in early May when our State Committeemen will be selecting our Republican Candidates for Governor, Attorney General and Comptroller.
We invite you to stop back soon and often to stay informed as to what’s happening with the GOP in Ulster County!